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If your child is taking vitamins, minerals or supplements, or if your GP has prescribed medication for the child, it is important to let them know.
If you feel that your child is not being fed enough by nutrition alone, supplements are always a safe and effective way to provide the nutrients you need. Generally, children do not need vitamin or mineral supplements if the family's dietary practice restricts the food groups available. If you think your children are low in vitamins or minerals or can no longer eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals, see your doctor or dietician. Some nutrients in foods are preferred to your infant's vitamins, so if you are not sure whether your infant is eating a balanced diet, ask your paediatrician for their advice on this.
You can qualify for the Healthy Start program and receive vitamin D-containing supplements free of charge if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If your baby is breastfed and drinks enough, ask your doctor for a vitamin D supplement.
Before buying vitamin supplements, make sure that the nutrient in the wrong doses can be toxic to young children. Please note that you should consult your paediatrician about these supplements, which may be harmful in certain circumstances.