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About Us

A pioneering step into the fast paced world of ecommerce, Kickill is a vibrant and interactive e-tailer based , and aim to provide retailers with a state-of-the-art online platform to showcase and sell their products and services, thereby including a curated assort of exceptional products and services from top brands in the country, to serve their customers. This is because we strongly believe and strive hard to make sure to provide an enjoyable online shopping experience, which is way better than visiting shops one after the other, and indulging in tedious offline shopping.

With a well laid out and easy to use website of the highest standard, Kickill went live with the objective of being longstanding marketing partner of small, medium, and large businesses. As ecommerce has started gaining an unsurpassable monopoly in deciding the fate of businesses across the world, Kickill can help businesses leverage the unlimited potential of the fast growing world of ecommerce, along with providing them with a visible space on the web to list their products and services, so as to make them available to potential customers around the world.

With cutting edge designs and incredible features to back the potential of the services that we offer, Kickill can become your unique online partner to enhance your sales without breaking the bank. Our website is enriched with a whole range of exceptional features that make it easy for both merchants and buyers to register with us and indulge in hassle-free selling and buying. Kickill has its doors opened to all categories of merchants, as we aim to be the one-stop-solution to help entrepreneurs have a strong and lasting grounding in the online market, along with getting a leading edge platform to reach out to the target audience across the globe.

A humble venture to back the emerging ecommerce market , we will expand our categories & include a wide array of products and services, thus arising to become a humongous online marketplace for a whole array of products and services that a customer would look for in day to day life. This includes apparel, music, games, mobiles, cameras, computers, health and personal products, home appliances and electronic goods, stationery items, perfumes, toys, as well as shoes. Unlike other leading online shopping platforms that rely on online payment, we follow a Cash-on-Delivery process that frees our customers from the vulnerabilities of paying online. Once the product is safely delivered in the address provided, customers have to make their payments to the respective shipping partner(s), who will in turn pay the sellers, after deducting the appropriate shipping charges for the product(s) delivered.


Gone are the tiring days of trawling through endless shops, malls, and local stores, in search of products and services that are necessary for daily life!

We are obsessed with providing our customers with a memorable shopping experience. This is the core reason why we always go that extra mile to leave no stones unturned to offer an all-inclusive platform that keeps customers’ interest as the top priority. We believe in focusing intensely on customer centricity and relentless efforts to set new benchmarks in online retail by concentrating on the following key factors that enhance our efforts to provide seamless ecommerce services. This is the key reason why we always go above and beyond to make sure that you enjoy an incredible shopping experience, along with receiving your orders as quickly as possible.

While the merchants get a state of the art platform that effectively displays their products and services to the potential customers, buyers are provided with a one-stop-shop to buy all the necessities online. At Kickill, we always take immense pride in creating a win-win situation for both merchants and customers.

In order to effectuate a gratifying shopping experience, we keenly focus on perfecting the following aspects of online selling, in order to become the most favourite online shopping destination.

  • We have a broad selection of products
  • We promise superior buying and selling experience
  • Our shipping partners are keen on on-time delivery of products
  • We are equipped with a superior team of Customers Service Experts who can quickly and effectively
  • Resolve all your concerns without delay.

TEAM Kickill

Backed by the relentless efforts of a highly enthusiastic and dedicated team, we always put our best foot forward, and aim to become the most chosen online shopping platform, by doing our job impeccably, along with offering an array of attractive benefits to both merchants and customers. These unique advantages include innovative web services, competitive prices, hassle free buying and selling processes, expanding selection of products and services in numerous categories, convenient payment methods, top quality packing, and on-time shipping through reputed shipping partners who can deliver the products promptly.

Aiming to becoming the most accessible, aspirational, creative, and user-friendly e-tailer of the country, who is well equipped to offer a zillion things that are necessary to make your day today life better, easier, and happier, we continually strive hard to provide our customers with quality products at the best prices. A reputable and reliable online retailer, we can stand toe-to-toe with some of world’s most successful e-tailers, and help merchants and buyers get greater levels of service that is satisfying, rewarding, and unforgettable, making them want to come back for more.


By providing commendable services for both the esteemed customers and merchants, we aim to become a rapidly growing online retailor that showcases the best products with the right price tags. With a meticulous and step-by-step expansion plan that facilitates the requisites to add an extensive selection of superior products that can be conveniently purchased through our secure online platform.