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Trouble Sleeping? Blame It On The Air!

Do you spend most of your nights tossing and turning in bed?

Have you been waking up in the middle of the night?

Have you spent more time awake than asleep after hitting the bed?

If yes, then it’s time to check pollution in your house as it could be due to indoor air pollution. Even if you don’t experience any such issues while sleeping, chances are that you are inhaling dust and PM2.5 (Particulate matter of 2.5 microns in size) particles while you are asleep that is compromising the quality of your sleep.

Poor quality sleep can be due to numerous reasons that range from the use of devices close to bedtime or due to an underlying health problem. However, one of the common and preventable causes of troubled sleep in people of all ages might be the poor quality of air in their home. 

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