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Pregnancy & Birth: Signs, Stages


This seemingly simple question is not so simple when it comes to recurrent pregnancy loss. Mainly the period from conception to birth. After the egg is fertilized by a sperm and then implanted in the lining of the uterus, it develops into the placenta and embryo, and later into a fetus. Pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks, beginning from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period, and is divided in to three trimesters, each lasting three months.

It is a time when you are the most pampered person in the family, so sometimes we out of pampering we neglect some issues in pregnancy so it is to be kept in mind that there are many points which you should remember during pregnancy,There are many herbal products available online in which you can drink during pregnancy.

Major things which you should remember during pregnancy are:

Avoid Sitting /Standing for too Long – Standing or sitting in the same position in pregnancy should be avoided, you should always have movements or small leisure walks to feel fresh, continue standing or sitting will have adverse effect in health. 

Avoid Alcohol – In no ways you should consume alcohol during pregnancy, alcohol will be dangerous for you and your baby.

Drink 4 to 5 ltrs. Of water daily – Amount of water intake is very important, during pregnancy body needs water a lot, so drink 4 to 5 ltrs of water intake is required. 

Avoid some foods – some foods must be avoided during pregnancy as they can be allergic, and may not be good for you and your baby, some of the foods which you should avoid are sea fish because it contain mercury, uncooked meat, raw eggs, unpasteurized dairy and all this 

Do not have caffeine – Do not have caffeine during your pregnancy, it can affect your baby’s health. 
Some medicines to be avoided – you cannot have some medicine, or you should not have medicine during pregnancy without the recommendation of the doctor, you should avoid pain killers totally. 

Avoid Active as well as passive smoking - Smoking is the most dangerous thing during pregnancy, it can cause a lot of damage to baby’s development and effect the brain of the baby, you should not even allow anyone to smoke in front of you, passive smoking is as dangerous as active smoking.Use nicotine gums or nicotine patches in case of smoking tendancy urges.

Don’t stress – Stress is the biggest enemy for health at any time, but during pregnancy do not put yourself in any kind of stress, you should avoid it. 

Eat lots of veggies – have lots of veggies during pregnancy to get the required amount of nutrients. 

Don’t wear heels – you should avoid wearing heels during pregnancy, you may fall, may have swollen ankles, and it creates immense pressure on your waist which in turn is not good for the baby.


Recurrent pregnancy loss is classically defined as the occurrence of three or more consecutive pregnancy losses. Means the repeated demise of desired pregnancies, and thus the number of losses is what defines the condition and perhaps also the severity of the disorder, but not what the cut-off for investigations should be. in order to reach a more evidence-based definition, systematic investigations into the impact of clinical characteristics like preceding number of miscarriages, maternal(and paternal)age and consecutive vs. on-consecutive losses on the result of diagnostics and outcome, with or without treatment, are highly needed.


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